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The intelligent and fully integrated energy and mobility platform for Dianchè cars, Home and Smart Cities 

The Eve project was born with the goal of creating the first integrated ecosystem of diffused urban mobility, able to welcome all the actors in a single hub that benefit from urban mobility for various purposes and giving life to the real concept of smart city.

Eve Master AI Platform is the heart of the entire project, as it consists of an enhanced artificial intelligence, capable of orchestrating data from heterogeneous sources, supervising, managing, organizing and translating them into conversation so that they can be easily used by users.

The ecosystem managed by Eve Master AI Platform is composed of two environments, the “data environment” and the “mobility environment” of which the platform is both the point in which the two ends meet and it is also the supervisor.

The “data environment” is made up of data from a variety of sources, which flow into the platform through a series of connectors and are managed and organized within it.

The sources of data managed in the platform include the pre-trained knowledge bases and/or coming from other specific artificial intelligences, external systems, databases and clusters of heterogeneous data and I.O.T. systems.

Thanks to a conversational interface that is Eve AI Master Platform, the complex data are organized and made conversationally available for the user present in the “mobility environment”, offering them various innovative integrated services concerning the management of the vehicle and the energy consumption, their homes and of the urban environment. The interface is accessible simply by talking in natural language with either the interactive chat or the intelligent photorealistic avatar, thus realizing the complete concept of a smart city.

Dianchè vehicles become intelligent thanks to the integration with “Eve Master AI Platform”, which collects data from the car’s system, correlates it with data from external systems including the city’s and the knowledge bases it is pre-trained with. The car interfaces proactively with the user through an interactive photorealistic avatar able to communicate in natural language and integrated in the vehicle structure that provides the information requested by the user in relation to both performance, vehicle status and other information of user’s interest.

In order to preserve data quality and certification, the entire data structure of Eve Master AI Platform is based on blockchain technology, which ensures the integrity of the data itself and its management through the Platform, as well as integration and interoperability with any other Blockchain platform.

The Eve Master AI Platform collects a great amount of data directly from a series of heterogeneous sources, such as service providers, partners’ external systems, the pre-trained knowledge base and the knowledge coming from other A.I.’s, through a dedicated API connection interface. Thanks to all of this information exchanged and managed by Eve Master AI Platform, working as an enhanced artificial intelligence, is able to provide a complete and varied package of services for the user that will be able to interface to all of these services and information throughout in an easy and intuitive way.

The EVE platform offers its users a complete series of services that cover any mobility need in the city and even connecting one's home with the city for sharing information and opportunities.

Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, the Dianchè user has all the most important information in a single screen. He can remotely control his vehicle - in audio and video, check the battery charge status and diagnostics, set usage limits - operating range, maximum speed, authorized driver - if it is being used by another person.

You can also easily access the full range of services available to travel as efficiently as possible, enabling them thanks to the various types of subscriptions available.

Functions of great interest and utility are the Drive Check, which verifies the driver's suitability to drive by comparing the driving license data to verify its validity, the Health Check, which includes the drink driving test and the Black Box, which records all driving parameters and events that led to any accidents or violations.

EVE realizes the real integration between the user and the environment in which he lives and moves, efficiently and optimizing every aspect of the mobility and livability of his city.

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