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Point of Energy 

The first multifunctional station

POE Station

The tool for a truly versatile mobility

In late 2018, Flymove has presented the first concept of the revolutionary POE Station (Point of Energy), also in the Mobile version, unique in its kind for design, operation and technical characteristics. It was conceived and designed in various versions and dimensions to achieve levels of building and environmental impact close to zero, as it uses Bio materials and recycles all its waste and emissions. In fact, the station was designed to autonomously generate the largest possible amount of renewable energy with which the batteries are then charged. This allows the station to provide support to electric land and air vehicles, both those using fast charging stations and those equipped with BSS.

The POE station will also be able to produce hydrogen "on demand" for specific vehicles and will be able to store energy in fuel cells. Finally, the POE station will be the only one of its kind to allow the landing of VTOL passengers drones.

A vision of mobility years in advance

Transforming ideas into reality by innovating and overturning the schemes

When the Flymove project was born, we immediately wondered how it was possible to give a completely new imprint to an indispensable object in the mobility chain, but which until then has always been anchored to rigid structural and functional concepts which have always limited the potential.

This weakness is more evident today, with the unstoppable advent of sustainable mobility which requires a radical change of vision of infrastructures.

In the case of the POE station, we started from the Flymove logo, the butterfly - a symbol of transformation and beauty - which, due to its design and configuration, seemed to be the ideal starting point for designing a station of the future.

The process of ideation and technical conception of the Station required a lot of time and discussions between several professionals in the sector, and was made concrete by the Italian architect and designer Maurizio Parolari, who was able to best interpret not only the futuristic vision of Flymove but also the functional and operational needs essential for the Station to be a fully functional and economically sustainable tool.

A multifunctional and environmentally friendly Station

A long series of requirements for a demanding client

The design of the POE Station necessarily had to take into account a long series of technical and functional requirements which were and still are indispensable for Flymove, such as for example:

Moving from the concept to the project and to the realization

The first POE Station prototype is on its way

Flymove has allocated an important budget for the construction of the first POE Station, which will be built within the first months of 2024, will be located in Italy and will be fully functional according to its specific operational requirements.

The POE Stations will be set up in 3 different sizes, according to their positioning - urban or extra-urban - and traffic flows. A "Mobile" version of the station is also being studied, positioned on a 40" trailer with an electric or hydrogen drive, which will greatly facilitate the expansion of road coverage.

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