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Sports competitions are our development laboratory

High performance hypercars derived and tested on the track

The Flymove Motorsport activities are managed by Racetron, the Flymove group company dedicated to the development of high-end, very high-performance cars, produced on a limited scale (one-off) and for an extremely demanding clientele.

The same cars are also presented, adapted for racing, to participate in highly prestigious international motoring events.

Racetron has its own specific budget and management and collaborates with the most important partners and technical sponsors.

Motorsport understood as a true industrial activity

An important budget and highly experienced partners

The Flymove Motorsport Division has important responsibilities: in addition to participating in selected international competitions and the creation and management of its own single-brand championship, it must also manage support activities for the development of all Flymove cars, including city cars, and develop the new EV and H2 hyper-cars which will be destined for a small circle of highly selected customers.

To achieve these objectives, Flymove Motorsport collaborates with a selected work team, made up of engineers, designers, drivers, team managers, component suppliers and sponsors who have been given the ultimate goal of creating the Flymove Motorsport team and presenting the first racing prototypes by the end of 2024 with the start of sports activities in 2025.

Dianchè GT Cube

Technology pushed to the highest levels

An hyper-car designed to define new levels of style and performances. Presented in 2019, still today one of the most advanced EV hyper-cars in the world, available in very limited production number only, for selected group of passionate collectors.

Dianchè GT model has been conceived and designed by a team of passionate professionals who decided to set a new reference in the world of Sports Cars and of EV supercars in particular.

Dianchè GT has been designed according to precise technical requirements and mainly respecting the more demanding design criteria. Dianchè cars are hand-crafted in Italy by technicians and workers with very long experience, coming from years of work, innovation and competition with the most important brands in the world.

The GT Cube is shaped by our relentless desire to challenge the established order.We took the key ingredients and reinvented and applied them in new, innovative ways. Then combined with the power and performance that Flymove means. The GT Cube is an hyper-car that is thrilling, yet refined, dynamic and engaging. Never before has a car with such incredible dynamic capabilities been coupled with such class leading refinement.

Dianchè GT Cube is equipped with both fast recharge and battery swap systems, to guarantee the owner the maximum driving range available, and are equipped with the Flymove’s innovative and proprietary ‘EVE’ digital mobility platform.

Performances at the top of the category – speed up to 350 km/h and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in only 2,2 seconds – make the Dianchè GT cars suitable for any sport competition without having to fear to compete with anyone.

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