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Flymove designers have conceived a car that has no equal on the panorama of the international automotive market in terms of technological characteristics and functionality

Flymove's vision for the future of city mobility is based on simple and essential concepts. The problems of congested traffic, pollution, lack of parking, the often useless use of the car that remains parked for more than half of its life, are just some of the reasons that are causing a progressive reduction in the livability of our cities.

Car manufacturers are investing heavily in the new sustainable mobility, also in light of the new European directives, but instead of making life easier for their users, they are making it considerably more complicated. The spasmodic search for autonomy for electric cars, which are mainly used in the city and which for this reason do not travel more than 100/150 km a day, with the chimera of covering hundreds of km on a single charge in competition with the performance of gasoline cars, gives an incorrect image of the new mobility and technically requires the use of ever larger, heavier and more difficult to recharge batteries.

The cost of an electric car is today always much higher than a thermal car, above all due to the presence of the battery, which is incomprehensibly sold to the customer and which after a few years will lose efficiency. And the user will never be able to change the battery, because it is fixed to the car and whose value will be higher than that of the used car itself.

The implementation of sustainable mobility is vital and urgent, but it is the business model to follow that must be well thought out and which must be simple, cheap and easily usable without having to change one's way of life.

And this is where Flymove's proposal comes in with the new Dianchè City Car Cube.

Dianchè Cube is a car designed and built for city users who want to get around easily and without stress. It is ideal for the young novice driver, or for the mother who takes her children to school or goes shopping. The dimensions are small, it is easy to drive and to park anywhere. in the standard configuration it carries one person with luggage or up to 3. It can be configured to adapt a child seat.

The Dianchè City Car Cube responds to very ambitious requirements and is a candidate to become the true intelligent partner who will support you in the same way as your smartphone.

The first requirement is the price: it is in line with that of small-medium thermal cars, or even better. Then the availability: it can be configured and purchased online, it is delivered to your home after having tried it in person and by appointment.

All Flymove vehicles are equipped with both Plug-In and Battery Swap systems, even if the advantages of the Battery Swap system are undeniably superior. The battery swap speed, the minimal impact of energy consumption, the reduced need to make expensive structural investments and the great usability of the car by the user, make the Battery Swap system unbeatable in terms of use and economic impact.

  • Lack of charging poles in the area and difficulty in finding them free.
  • Chargers of different powers, often low.
  • Energy not always certified of renewable origin.
  • Long charging times.
  • Increases the stress and deterioration of car batteries.
  • It forces car manufacturers to install ever larger and heavier batteries to increase range but reduce performance and increase costs.
  • Need for many parking spaces for long stays.
  • Need to carry out invasive civil works.
  • Need for energy infrastructures (substations, cabling).
  • Large energy consumption to recharge a limited number of vehicles.
  • It needs a lot of maintenance.
  • Relevant aesthetic impact in historical areas.
  • Multiple different platforms and not adaptable for multi-function uses.
  • High power chargers are very expensive and do not justify the investment by operators.
  • Very few SWAP stations guarantee coverage for thousands of cars/day.
  • Single modular standard with different capacities for every need.
  • Energy always certified and only renewable.
  • Battery exchange time less than 60 seconds.
  • The batteries last longer because they are recharged at low power.
  • It is not necessary to install large capacity batteries because they exchange quickly and everywhere, especially in urban centers. Cars cost less and improve performance.
  • Minimum space required for each SWAP Small station.
  • Small stations rest on the ground and can be easily repositioned.
  • Limited need for low voltage energy infrastructure.
  • Minimum energy consumption to recharge a very large number of vehicles.
  • Fully automated basic maintenance systems.
  • No or minimal aesthetic impact in historical areas.
  • Adaptable for multi-purpose and multi-platform uses.
  • Installation cost is equal to High Power chargers, but performance is many times better.

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