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Flymove Mobility initiative was launched by Equiventia Capital Partners, which is promoting it on a global scale

Equiventia Capital Partners is part of the Equity & Venture Capital sector and was conceived by a team of Italian managers from multinationals and international financial companies with many years of consolidated experience in business development and business management.

From the beginning, Equiventia invested its own capital and also involved and aggregated a group of private shareholders who financially contributed to the launch of the Project, through a strategic, organizational and technological structuring. The Flymove Project was structured on 4 vertical lines of development, each controlled and managed by a specific company.

The operating companies that are part of the Flymove structure are: Moovital (Automotive Design & Production), Mobentia (Service Station Network and Energy Management), Evedigix (AI Platform and Services), and Racetron (Luxury Cars, Motorsport and Promotion).

Each company has also established various partnerships with technologically advanced companies in the sectors of interest, in order to ensure constant updating and product positioning at the highest levels.

Flymove Mobility is a largely Italian project and developed mostly with Italian companies.

A Group made up of synergistic and independent companies

A structured group with well-defined functions and objectives, with synergistic operations.

The great financial, corporate and operational flexibility of each company makes it possible to involve the correct technological and financial partners in the best possible way, all coordinated by top-level management.

  • Dianchè City Cars
  • Paradigma Luxury Shooting Break
  • Mass Mobility Vehicles
  • POE Stations & Networks
  • Energy/Sustainability
  • Urban Wellness Mobility
  • Integrated Services
  • EVE Master AI Platform
  • Digital/AR-VR/Fintech technologies
  • Motorsport
  • One-off hypercars
  • Group promotion

Flymove Mobility is an aggregator of ideas, technologies and industrial partners

Flymove's operational and industrial partners are among the excellences at world level in their respective sectors of activity, going to build a technological team able to compete with any international industrial entity.

In fact, Flymove's operational and industrial structure is based on a series of locations in Italy and partnerships in Europe, Usa and China. The group is therefore perfectly capable, thanks to the internal expertise of its technological partners, of tackling any design and industrial project in the areas of EV and ICE mobility, digital and motorsport. Flymove's technological supply chain is currently among the most complete in the world in the automotive sector of private companies and not of car manufacturers.

Flymove Beyond Mobility is an investment made by:


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